Introduction: Paper Claw 2.0

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I made a paper claw a few months ago on instructables, and that design wasn't very good, it was small, it had rubber bands on it so the outside didn't look too great and it couldn't pick stuff up. I knew that I could make it better, the way of how it moved and was put together was not created until then, and I so far haven't seen any claws that use a design like this. This claw is based loosely off that design by that it has the same way how it is held together, every thing else is different and better.

This new design is bigger, it can now pick stuff up,and it uses a different way of making the claw open and close, so there is no external parts except the claw segments. It could also be made to suite to what you need, metal for heavy duty, it being longer to pick up stuff for the disabled, plastic for the cost and strength, or any thing else that is flat that you have laying around!

The first 5 people to make it will win a patch!
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InfiniTTTy already made it!(he messaged me before every one else)
And the other 4 people to make this will get a patch!
dj-party made it second! Derek Scott Customs made it third! Potatoman1234 made it forth!

Here is the video:

Well, anyways, to the instructable!

Step 1: Supplies

Here are the supplies
  • paper(I used thick cardstock but cardboard should work, i didnt test it out)
  • snippers
  • glue
  • wire (26 gauge is what i used)
  • a regular paperclip(not the small kind)
  • plyers
  • scissors
  • and a tack or pin

Step 2: Print the Template

Just print it out on a regular printer
I dont have a picture for this so I just used a picture of the parts glued together

Step 3: Glue It and Cut It Out!

Unfortunately I didn't have pictures while I did this, so i have the picture of the completed parts

Just glue it onto your thick card stock or cardboard(it should work) and with a scissor or an X-acto knife cut out the outline
For the claw segment, after you glue it on and cut it out, glue two pieces together to make it stronger.

Step 4: Poke the Holes

Just with a regular pin poke holes in where the circles are.

Step 5: Strengthen the Inner Segment Parts

The inner segment would be too weak and rip eventually if it is left alone, so I added tape to support it. You only need it on the top area where you poked the holes, I didn't think and put the tape all over on it

And then poke the holes again where they are supposed to be again.

Step 6: Puting Together the Claw Segment

It is hard to explain so hopefully the pictures and captions will help.
If you need any help, comment below and i will help

The wire is approximately 1 inch long

Step 7: Making the Inner Segment

This is the part that you pull in and out to move the claw.
It is hard to explain, so I tried to document how you do it with the pictures and the captions, if you need any help, comment below and i will make sure to help

The wire is approximately 1 inch long 

Step 8: Puting It All Together

Get the inner segment, the outer segment parts, the paperclip, and the tape.
Cut the paperclip to three segments, each one is 3/4 in. long and put it in the upper hole on the claw segments, as in picture 2. Get one of the body segments and fold the little things at the top inward, and put it on like shown in picture 3. Keep on doing it for the other 2 body segments and make sure it looks like picture 4

Get the tape(any tape) and tape around the edges, make sure to not get in the way of the movement of the claw and try to make it look like picture 6

Step 9: You Are Now Done!


To use it you hold onto the outer segment with one hand and the inner segment in the other hand, bring the inner segment out to close it, bring it in to open it.
If you need any help just comment and I will make sure to assist you

The first 3 people to make this will win a patch!

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