Introduction: Paper Claw

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this is a very well known instructable that I thought I should upload because some other ones are too complicated. i hope this helps and this is also used in another instuctable design i have.

Step 1: Paper Triangles

1. Take a regular sheet of computer paper (or notebook paper) and put it on a flat surface.

2. Fold the top right corner down to meet the left edge (look at the picture if you get confused).

3. Now fold the top left corner, to the bottom right corner of the triangle.

Step 2: Perfect Triangle

4. Fold the two bottom corners up to meet the bottom edge of the triangle, like in the picture.

5. Fold the bottom part up so it makes a perfect triangle. you may have to pull a little to get it to go far enough

6. now flip it over 

Step 3: Teh Hard Partz

Theese are the hardest steps

7. fold it in half, then unfold

8. fold the right side in to meet the center crease

9 Now fold the aper over the center crease to get an arrow shape

10. now fold that over one more time so you get the claw shape

11. it should look like the last picture (without the lines).

Step 4: Putin Paper in Paper

there should be a little opening on the side of the paper, put the flap thats sticking out into the opening. it looks like the picture. if you have it in your hands youll know what i mean. make sure it goes in all the way.
 it should then look like the second picture.

Step 5: Putting It On

if you look on the bottom there should be a little opening, open it up more with a pencil or someting, then put your finger in it.