Introduction: Paper Clock: "Make Your Own Working Paperclock"

This is a paper clock. This is NOT my original design. I got it from a book by James Smith Rudolph that I bought from The comes with instructions and diagrams (diagrams posted) and the pieces are printed on the pages which are heavy stock paper. You have to cut the book up and the pieces out then glue them together then using some sort of "axle" (I used straighten paperclips). The instructions say to use "latex based glue" but I used "Aleene's Original Tacky Glue" and it worked just fine.

These pictures are a few months old. I did not know about this glue contest until just today. My sister told me about this contest so I figured I would submit the pictures that I took. The contest says that any project is eligible just as long as it involves glue and this involved 4 fl oz (118mL) of glue, a couple paper clips, and 10g of beads.

All of this is 100% done by my hands: Cut, Glue, Assemble, Mount, Adjust. The only thing not original is the template/diagram/design but the reason that it works in the first place is that I had to take some mechanical thinking and know-how to make sure it ran.

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