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Inspiered from the "menger sponge" I want to built one too. During this time I became a father and the built ends with a "level one menger sponge". But i don’t want throw it away. So I combine the cube with LED lights and built it as a night light.

Information about the "menger sponge" you can get on


visit cards or you cut out paper (templates see below)
5m LED light set (Set includes wiring and power supply)

craft knife

Approximate cost to build:
15€ (to buy the LED-Set)

Skill level:
For beginners
Because you don’t need electrical knowledge and everyone can cut and fold paper

Step 1: Preparation

You will need either old visit cards or some templates. (I made my own templates; card size: 55mm x 85mm)

Step 2: Visit Card

Cut out the visit card.

Fold it!

Step 3: The Cube

6 folded cards shape one cube.
There are so many tutorials “how to make business card cube” or “how to built a menger sponge".
If you search, you will find.

Step 4: Cut "x"

Use the craft knife to cut a “X” into the walls. Link two cubs together and then repeat this step until you get your first layer.

Step 5: LED Stripe

Then thread your LED stripe into the layer.

Step 6: Completion

Complete your “menger sponge level 1”

Step 7: A Stand

In my opinion, every lamp needs a stand. So I designed a stand and print it with my 3D printer.

Step 8: Test It!

Put everything together. Follow the wiring instruction given in the LED set.

Test it!

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