Introduction: Paper Cut Light Box

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This Instructable explains how to make a Paper-cut Light Box at home.

It consist in paper cut-outs that are layered in a box with a light source behind. It will create an amazing shadow and depth effect.
This beautiful decoration can be customized to fit with your expectations : Home decor, wedding gift, night lamp for kids,...
This example was built with 8 layers of paper, it has a specificity to have a water reflection.

Feel free to watch the video above for a general overview.


Step 1: Paper Layer 1 & 2 : Trees

First of all, choose your paper :

- The size of your paper will be the size of your realization. I have chosen A4.
- The thickness of your paper. The thinner, the more transparent. Between 150g and 220g is a good deal.

Let's start by drawing the first two layers. Draw some trees on the left and right part leaving space in the middle for the next layers.

Then cut the paper following your draw using a scalpel knife.

Step 2: Layer 3 : Animals & Lake

On Layer 3, draw a lake on the lower part.

On the top edge of the lake draw your main object. It can be animals like on this example, a couple of lovers, a unicorn... Be creative ;)

Step 3: Paper Layer 4 & 5 : Water Reflection

Layer 4 and 5 will be used for water reflection.

For layer 4, take a thin paper (70g is good) and cut only the upper edge of the lake.

On Layer 5, draw your main object upside down using Layer 3 upside down.

Step 4: Layers 6, 7 & 8 :

Layers 6, 7 & 8 are the background of your light box.

Draw some mountain on the 6 and 7 and a moon on Layer 8.

Step 5: Thickness : Foam Board

Make spacers with Foam Board. I used 1 cm spacers.

Step 6: Glue Layers

Glue each layers on top of each others using foam board as spacers.

Layer 3 and 4 are special, do not use spacers between them. That way you will have a better water reflection effect.

Between Layer 4 and 5, you can also glue without spacers or a thinner spacer. I used 0.5 cm. If the space is bigger, the blurry effect in water reflection will be bigger.

Step 7: Make a Wooden Frame

Make a wooden frame a bit deeper than the paper part.

Mine was 5,5 cm so I made a 7,5 cm deep wooden frame.

Glue 4 pieces of wood to make the frame.

Step 8: Add LED Lights

Add a Led strip behind the frame.

I recommend RGB led strip with remote to have the possibility to make any color you want.

Then close the frame with a piece of foam board.

Step 9: Watch Your Creation

Finally power on and enjoy your creation.

I Hope you enjoyed, feel free to ask any question and share your creations.

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