Introduction: Paper Designs

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Hi today I'm gonna show you how to make 2 kinds of paper designs

Step 1: What Do We Need

We need a sheet of paper and scissors

Step 2: Cut

Cut the paper in a rectangle or a square or in any shape you want

Step 3: Cutting and Folding of One

Then fold the paper like this then cut a almost semi circle in the middle or if you want Fold it again

Step 4: Cutting and Folding One Cont

Take the sheet and cut it in some more semi circles like this

Step 5: Done With One Now 2

Open the thing it will look like this now I'm going to make a new one decorate it if u want

Step 6: Do the Same

Cut a sheet and take it fold it if you want so the before when was almost a snow flake pattern

Step 7: 2nd

So this one is like you have to fold it make sure to use a big rectangle sheet

Step 8: Fold It and Cutting 2

Fold it 2 times and on the corner cut triangles and fold again in the middle like pic 3 and cut a semi circle in the middle

Step 9: Open

Open it and it will be like a circle one and a triangle in the middle

Step 10: THANK YOU

Hope you guys like it this was for if you are new to it but I can make hard so stay tuned