Introduction: Paper Doll House

In this Instructable we will make a very Expensive toy for the children with a paper this will be to create a house of the doll and the doll itself all that will be using some software and some paper and just a few tools to cutting and gluing paper it will be good toy for your children.

Step 1: Tools We Need

1- Designing Tools:

  • Laptop or PC have a Windows Operating System and also have a good graphic card
  • Software to design and edit your house and the doll as folowing:
    • Free Software:
      • Blender : this is a 3d modeling software you can find it on here
      • Metasequoia: this is also a 3d modeling software you can find it on here
      • Faceworx : this is amazing software you can create a 3d head from 2 photos of your face or any face you want you can find it on here
      • Sweet Home 3D : this is also amazing software that make a house in just a few minutes you can find it on here
      • Pepakura Designer 3 : this is a magical software that can convert a 3d model into unfolding paper and you can find it here
      • Pepakura Viewer 3 : this is a viewer to the generated unfolding model
    • Paid Software:
      • iClone v5.5 PRO : it is a 3d modeling software that can be create and customized a whole body and a face with 2 photos and also you can make it in move
      • iClone 3DXchange v5.5 Pipeline: it is a software to change and export the design on iClone to Obj file that can be unfolding

2- Output Tools:

  • Colored Printer
  • Paper sheets

3- Implementation Tools

  • Cutting Board
  • Ruler
  • Cutter
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step 2: Design the House

I use the Sweet Home 3D to create and Design the house there is a few steps to create it:

  1. Create a walles
  2. create Rooms
  3. add furniture
  4. customize the

Step 3: Export the House to Obj File

this software can generate a Obj file from your design as following:

1. after finishing design click on 3d View menu -> Export to OBJ file

then window appear to save the file

this file is important cause it will be used to unfolding software

Step 4: Make a Doll

We will use now iclone to make a character and change its face like any picture of any person you know

1. open iclone and add character

2. click on face and add a pic of the face follow steps and add a side view of the face

3. now you have a character with customized face

you can get more detail from this video here

Step 5: Export Doll to OBJ File

from iclone in character tab you can export that to exchange program

from exchange you can export OBJ file as shown in picture

Step 6: Unfold Both the House and Doll

Now we have 2 OBJ files one for house and one for Doll to unfold the both and convert it to a paper model we will use Pepakura Designer 3 you can find more details about that program in here and here

Step 7: Implementation and Finishing

after unfold and then we will print the paper model and cutting the part then start to assembly it to get the full model of paper as shown in pictures

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