Introduction: Paper Dove

Download the attached PDF and print out the dove on some regular printer paper.


Printer paper


scissors/cutting tools

Step 1: Cutting the Dove

Grab the paper dove you just printed and start cutting the outline of the dove.

Step 2: The Final Cuts

Cut out the slits on the body of the dove.

I found that creasing and then cutting was easy and quick for scissors. If you have a knife handy you can just pierce the paper.

You can also punch out the circles in the body if you want to hang your dove by a string.

Step 3: Fold in the Wings

With the slits cut push the wing through them and fold once in place.

Depending on the way you go you can either have the pattern (and eyes) on the outside or inside. I chose to have those hidden.

Step 4: Final Step

With the wings pushed through all you have to do is join the body together.

You can do this any way you want to. I chose tape since I personally would rather not deal with glues.