Introduction: Paper Envelope


- 1 paper

- 1 scissors

Step 1: Place All Ingredients

Step 2: ​fold One Edge to Make a Square

Step 3: ​cut the Remaining Paper

Step 4: Keep the Square

Step 5: Fold It in the Middle

Step 6: Open It - Rotate It 90 Deg - and Fold It Right in the Middle Again

now you have a square, with 4 equal squares inside

Step 7: Close It on One of the Folding

Step 8: Take Every Edge and Fold It So They Meet in Half

Step 9: Take Every Fold, and Open It Like the Photo

Step 10: So That Will Be the Outcome

Step 11: Flip It

Step 12: Fold the Edges So It Will Be a Square Again

Step 13: Fold One Top Edge Like the in Photo

Step 14: Flip It and Fold the Edges So It Will Create a Rectangle

Step 15: And Now Fold It to Make the Envelope

Step 16: That's It! Enjoy Your New Envelope :)