Paper Fish




Introduction: Paper Fish

This is a simple craft work which includes the work of glace papers and colors.

Step 1: Color the Background

Firstly, take a white drawing paper and color it with blue or light green or whatever you wish your water to be .(Try coloring apart blue which is shown here and get creative!). I have used crayons. You can use water colors to make background look more prominent.

Step 2: Take Three Glace Papers of Different Colors

Next in step includes the glace papers. Take three different colored glace papers and stick it with a glue in a vertical direction. Look out for next step to learn how to rock and roll the fishes.

Step 3: Roll Your Fishes

This is the main part of all the parts. Start folding a single glace paper upside down and keep doing it until your paper is folded it the end. After that bend your paper from the middle so as to give it a shape like that of a Chinese fan.

This is how you have to roll those three glace papers which is now a single unit and paste it from the center.

Step 4: Make Your Fishes Swim.

Now to give it a final go, put eyes on those fishes with a help of small paper and marker and paste it. To give it a more realistic effect place different sizes of fishes and don't forget to give them their tails also.

Enjoy :)

P.S.- If you like it, do tell me!

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    Fun paper craft idea. I am going to have to show this to my kids.

    Twinkle Sharma
    Twinkle Sharma

    Reply 6 years ago

    Thank you :)