Introduction: Paper Flower Bouquet

This is a great way to have flowers in the house that never go bad and you never need to worry about watering. In this step by step how to, I will show you how to make a good looking bouquet of flowers.


You will need:

  • 5 pieces of paper (one for each flower) and maybe more depending on your choice of size
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue (preferably hot glue)
  • Jar or basket to hold the flowers

Step 1: Make Your Petals

First thing you will need to do is make your petals, start by making a big wide petal similar to the shape of a heart but a bit wider. Then for the rest of the petals they should decrease in size from the initial big one. Look above for general shape of petals, these should each be getting a bit smaller as they go.

As a result of this step you should have a total of 15 petals each one getting smaller in over all size no matter what shape it is. By the way the more petals you have the thicker the flower, so feel free to add more petals if you want.

Step 2: Putting Your Petals Together

To put your petals together first create a small circle about the size of a quarter from paper (you will mount your petals onto this circle) with this circle attach your biggest petal of the 15 first by: on the bottom of the petal fold it to where it overlaps and makes it 3D(like up above). Then hot glue them together overlapping and gradually getting smaller towards the center.

Step 3: Final Touches on the Flower

You will need to make the stamen of the flower too. To do this cut a rectangular piece of paper about 1in by 2in then cut thin strips 3/4ths of the way into the paper from the longer side (Refer to image above). Next role it up lengthwise so it looks almost like a tree if you were to dishevel the strips sticking out. fold the bottom uncut portion up at a 90 degree angle so you can glue it down to the middle of the flower by using the flap created.

Be sure to curl the individual petals of the flower outwards after you have finished with the stamen. You can also use watercolors on the flowers to give it the really cool petal like color.

Step 4: Adding the Stem

To make the stem curl up a piece of paper so it makes almost a long straw. This can be painted if you want or just left alone. To add the stem to the flower simply glue the stem onto the bottom of the flower with hot glue.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Now repeat the past steps as many times as you want until you feel you have enough flowers for a good sized bouquet. Personally I did 5 flowers but feel free to do more or less.

Once you have your flowers find a good jar or basket and to place them in and show off.

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