Introduction: Paper Gift Box 🎁

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To make a paper gift box you will need :

  1. Glue
  2. Scissors
  3. 2 colored paper
  4. 2 thin tripes

Step 1:

Take square sheets paper of size 21*cm and 11.2*cm ( Any 2 colors of your choice).

Step 2:

Take the 21*cm sheet. Mark 7*cm from each side as shown.

Step 3:

Cut the 2 sides as shown.

Step 4:

Put glue on the other sides.

Step 5:

Pick the cut sides and paste the parts glued before, The base of the box will then be ready.

Step 6:

Now take the 11.2*cm sheet and fold the sides marked in the photo.

Step 7:

After folding from each side cut the small squares formed on each edge of the sheet.

Step 8:

Now turn the sheet upside down and put glue on the small squares.

Step 9:

Paste the squares exactly like the way we did in the box. The lid of the box will be created.

Step 10:

Now take 2 thin stripes.

Step 11:

Paste the 2 stripes on the lid in a cross way (+).

Step 12:

See if the lid fixes on the box base.

Step 13:

Take a cutout as shown.

Step 14:

Put glue in the center of the cutout.

Step 15:

Stick the corners in between. Cover the center with another thin stripe. Take 2 more stripes and stick then as shown in the picture. Your Bow is ready !

Step 16:

Now you can gift it to anyone you want to...