Introduction: Paper Glider

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Whats Up Instructablers I'm Here Again
For Showing You How To Make A Paper Glider, Maybe Some Of You Have Seen this Awesome Glider Flying in the Skies
I hope You Like This Prototype , Why Prototype? Because This Plane Can Be Modified For Longer Flight Times , Higher Altitude , Some Loops , To return To it,s Origin Point ,Etc.
That Would Be Your Desicion

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Let's Start

Step 1: Look for Your Raw Material

Well, Since This Instructable It's Pretty homemade Your Materials Are Really Easy To Found

1-A Common A4 (letter Size ) Sheet Of Paper , No Matter The Color Or The Design


1-A Ruler
2-A Pen

1Some Markers
2 Stickers
3Anything To make Your Glider Look Cooler

LET'S Start

Step 2: Pick a Sheet of Paper

I Choose White , But You Can Use Any Color

Step 3: Time 2 Fold

Just Follow The Fold Of The Photo And Crease
Repeat With The Other Side
Once You Do These Unfold Both Folds
Look The Result in The Last Photo

Look The Last Photo Because You Need To know Where is The Front And The Tail

Step 4: The Inside Fold

This Fold It's Easier Then It Appears
First, Try To join Points A And B ,Crease
Then , B With C, Crease
And, A With D , Crease
Fairly Easy isnt It
Should Look like In The 3rd Photo

If They're Problems, Use The Photos For Visual Aid
Look The Result in The Third And Fourth Photo

For Finishing Draw A Small line In The Crease of The First Fold ( A-B )
Should Look like In The fifth Photo

So Do it

Step 5: More Folds

This Folds Will Make The Plane Itself
First You Need To Fold In Half The Upper Part (Second & Third Images )
Repeat The Process With The Other Part
Crease Bot Folds
Should Be Like In The Fourth Image

Step 6: Guess What? , More Images!

From The Previous Folds
Fold Again In A Half Just Like In The First And 2nd Images
Repeat With The Other Side ( Third Image)

Step 7: The Hardest Folds

Do You Surrendered , You Throw It To The Trash , Sick Of The Folds ?
well This Is Not The End
First You Need To Measure About 0.8 to 1.0 Cm (1/4 To 5/16 Inches) To Each Side And Fold Like In The Photo (first and Second )
And Then Return The Tab To It's Original Place

Repeat With The Other Side

Step 8: A Turn , a Fold , and a Wing

Well Once You Have Finished The Before Steps Now Turn Around Your Glider (C'mon Just Like In The Photo)
Now, Fold It In A Half
Check That Both Edges Are in Line ( See 3rd Photo )
Then Draw A Line In the Crease In The Fold You Just Made
And Then Fold The Nose Back , So The Point Will Be Following The Line You Just Made(Images 5& 6 The Images Are Wrong But You Can Use Them As a Visual Aid)
And ThEn Fold In a Half
If You Can't Understand Me Just Use The Images As A Visual Aid

Step 9: A Fold , Crease Cut , and the Tail Is Ready to Go

Once You Have Done All Before Steps It's Time For The Tail
First , The Tail Part , Fold it in a half like in the photo
Then Crease And Draw A line In The Crease You've Just Made
Then Cut By The Line And Fold The "tail" In A Half
(Excuse The Blurry Pictures )

Step 10: The Rear Stabilizers and the Wingtips

First Let's Make The Rear Stabilizers For This We Need To Draw A Small Line(1/2 Inch) In Allmost The End Of OuR Glider's Tail (Depending On How Long You Want You Rear Tail Length (1 To 2 inch 1/2 Inch Is Best )
Now You Can Select One Of Two designs
1Classic Just Make A Simple Vertical Cut Like This
FuturiscMake A Enlarged "V" In The Tail (Don't Overcut)
See The Fourth Image For A Visual Reference

Don't Matter The Method You Have Choosen Fold The Piece Down Just Like In the Photo

Now The Wing Tips
Pick The Body Of Your Glider And Fold About 1/2 To The Center The Wing Tips Once They're Creased Raise The Wingtips So They Can Be Stable And Up

Repeat With The Other Side

Step 11: The Insertion and the Decoration

The Insertion
Of The Tail Is Pretty Easy
Just Turn Around Your Plane , You Should Look A Flap In The Back Of The Plane (image )
Then Insert The Part wHere Is Not The Tail (image) In to the Flap


Now The Decoration
Paste Stickers, Make Draws , Or Whatever You Want
ilike The White Color (Cause' My Room is a Yellow-Brown Mix And It "glows")

Step 12: The Callibration and FAQ

Well For Calibration you Need To Know A llittle Of Dihedral Angle Is easy (just The Basics)
Just imagine a Thing Like This
°°°°°° V °°°°°°
That's Dihedral Angle ,Prety Easy Huh?
For Callibrating It Just Look At The Front Of It , If It Looks Like That Little Schematic (Dihedral Angle)
If It Doesn't, Move Or Fold The Wingtips Or Maybe The Wing Or The Body So It Will Look Like The Dihedral Schematic


Questionmy Glider Goes To The Left (Right)
answer Make Longer The Wing Tip To Right ( left )

Question My Glider Climbs But It Crashes
Answer 1) The Wind Is To The Opposite Direction Of The Launch , You Need To Throw It To The Wind So It Will Fly For A Longer Time
2)Fold A Bit The tail In the Part Where You Insert It

Q = My Glider Climbs Then It Loop And Crash Near Me
A Fold A Bit The tail In the Part Where You Insert It

Step 13: Lift Off

just Throw It Heading Up And Expect A Smooth Landing


Thaks For Watching My Instructable , I Hpoe You Enjoy It
Merry Christmas , Happy New Year

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