Introduction: Paper Globe: 12-gore Pattern

I need a paper globe for a Death Star hanging lamp I'm contemplating, but could not find any usable patterns out there. Perhaps it's just my lack of Google-fu.

In any case, I made a pattern that others might find useful. You can scale it up or down to any size globe you need. Just realize that the distance across the bottom of a wedge is equal to 1/12 of the circumference of your globe, and work from there.

If you wish for an even smoother globe you can increase the number of tabs but decrease their size.

I am including the files for both a full globe and a hemisphere. I have only assembled a hemisphere, and imagine that adding the last few slices of a full sphere would be tricky. But if you've made it that far with cutting pieces out, you no doubt have the dexterity to figure something out.

I recommend printing on thick card stock rather than printer paper. Simply print out enough of the Inkscape files so that you have one "Base" and 11 of the "2-12" gores. A "gore" is one slice of a globe.

One more tip: when cutting the interlocking tabs, angle each tab inward just a touch, so that the end of the tab is slightly smaller than its base. This will greatly ease assembly.

Hope you find this helpful.

Incidentally, I've added a picture of the first attempt, with only 6 gores. It's neato-keen, but nothing like a sphere.