Introduction: Super Easy Paper Gun

This is an easy way to make a safe and a fun gun.
This is my first time making one so there were some errors.(but don't worry,I have tried my best to not show it in the pics.


Paper. Lot's of paper.
Glue(I used super glue for faster work but a glue gun is more preffered)
Cm scale
A paper cutter(optional)

Step 1: Things I Used

Step 2: Thin Paper Rolls

This part is a bit hard to do but you guys will do it perfectly (I know:)
We will be calling this the SMALL PAPER ROLL.
And you need 2 of these.

Step 3: Medium Paper Roll

Now make a roll which is big enough to let our small paper roll to pass easily.
We need 6 medium rolls
And this will be called MEDIUM ROLL

Step 4: Hollow Cuboid

Just push and make it into a cuboidal shape.

Step 5: If You Followed All My Steps Properly,then You Should Be Having All of These Now

Step 6: Stick Both the Medium Rolls and Put It in the Cuboid.

Now cut the extra part off the medium roll

Step 7: Take One of the Small Roll and Make a Loop Kind of Thing on One of Its End and Stock It. Don't Forget to Put the Rubber Band

Step 8: This Part Is Important

Take the medium rolls and do as shown in the2nd pic.
And then do as shown

Step 9: Take a Medium Roll and Smash It.yes Smash It.

Then stick it on top of our newly made thing

Step 10:

Step 11: Now Make the Handle.

I made a mistake in this part so I am not showing the steps.just make sure that it looks like that pic.
And that small roll thing is just for design so you can skip it if you want.

Step 12: Do As Shown.

Step 13: This Will Act As Our Trigger.

I used a medium roll to make it

Step 14: Little Bit of Adjustment and Done!

You will have to pull it back and use the trigger to avoid it from going it back.and while using the trigger you will have to push it down so that the rubber band will push the small roll thing front which will shoot the bullet.
And for the bullet you can use the left over paper.that helps us save paper!
Hope you guys liked it!
And sorry for not giving proper instructions in some places.
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