Paper Haunted Houses

Introduction: Paper Haunted Houses

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Hello! This instructable shows how to create paper haunted houses for Halloween! You can fill these with candy and give them away, or you can put a light in them (no candles, though :) ) and use them as luminaries!

If you'd like to see this in video form, please click the video above :)

To create these, you will need:

-templates that you can find here

-scrapbook paper in your colors of choice


-a pencil



-an Xacto knife

Step 1: "Build" the House

1. Start by printing the templates, cutting them out, and folding on all the fold lines.

2. Use the Xacto knife to carefully cut out the windows of the house.

3. Trace the house onto scrapbook paper. Be sure to also trace the inside of the windows.

4. Cut this out, and use the Xacto knife to cut out the windows.

5 - 6. Optional: I wanted to use an accent color of paper, so I traced the front and back of the house again on a different color of paper, cut this out, and glued it to the main pieces.

7. Put glue on the tabs to glue the house together. Also glue the two bottom squares together.

Step 2: Add Details to the House

If you haven't already, trace all the other pieces onto scrapbook paper, cut them out, and fold on the fold lines.

1 - 2. With the lower roof piece, cut a slit down the middle of the tab, put glue on the tab, and glue it to the house.

3. Draw any details you want on all 4 shutter pieces, and glue them to the house.

4. Put glue on the door tab and glue it to the inside of the house.

5. For the column pieces, fold a little at the top and bottom, then glue it on.

Glue the door mat on, also.

6. Use the Xacto knife to cut a slit close to each side of the roof.

7. Thread a long piece of ribbon through both slits in the roof. Place this around the house, and tighten the ribbon.

8. Tie a bow on top of the house.

Step 3: That's It!

And you're done!

If you try this, I'd love to see it - tag me on instagram @essyjae :)

Happy Halloween!

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