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Hi Guys!

All that I have this time to share with you guys is a Paper Heart Gift Box that is super easy to make. This gift box is surely going to help a lot of you in different ways. You can make your special person feel even more special with a handmade heart gift box filled with surprises. You can also gift your mom as a token of love, your best friend, father or any special person in your life.

So if you are a craft person or if not a craft person this is going to be a super easy DIY to make. And if you love my work let me know in the comment section.


Things that you would need for this DIY are:

  1. Red chart paper
  2. Yellow chart paper (or any color that you like)
  3. Glue

Its that simple. See :)

Step 1: Cut Two Pieces of Paper in Heart Shape

Step 2: Take a Rectangular Red Chart Paper

Fold the paper in a way where one side will a little bigger than the other. And start to make small frills from the smaller section

Step 3: Its Time to Glue It

Take the heart shape red chart paper and add glue to the edges. Now take the rectangular chart paper and start pasting the frills as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Final Touch

To cover the back side take one more heart shape paper and glue it.

Step 5: Your Box Is Now Ready

To make the lid of the box follow the same procedure as shown for making of the box. And you are now good to go. :)

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