Introduction: Paper Heart Wall Hanging

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Here is a super pretty and easy paper wall hanging. It's fun to make, and you can follow the directions or add a special twist of your own!

Step 1: Supplies

Okee dokee! Here is a list of what your going to need:

1) Patterned cardstock paper. (Mine I took out of a decorative paper pad I got at Michaels)

2) Scissors

3) Hot glue gun and extra hot glue sticks

4) Pencil

5) Plastic ball chain (this is just what I used. You can use string, chain, or anything else you have lying around)

6) Drill and drill bit a little wider then whatever chain you are using

7) Spruce 1x2 about 16" long or whatever works for your space (doesn't matter what colour)

8) White string for hanging

9) White acrylic paint (optional)

10) 2 small nails

Step 2: Drilling

Take your wood and put a mark every 2" on the middle on the top of your wood.

Then, measure your drill bit next to whatever chain you are using to hang your hearts. Use a drill bit just a bit bigger then your chain, so the chain can slid through the hole.

Then drill through every dot you made.

Next, take your chain and cut it at uneven lengths till you have enough strings for the holes you drilled.

Slide them through each whole and tie a knot big enough so the top of the chain doesnt slip through the hole.

Step 3: Painting

This step is optional. If you like the color of your string and wood don't bother with this step.

Pour your acrylic paint into a plastic dish and water it down.

Next, hold your wood over the dish and swirl your chains in the paint till they are completely covered. If there is some unpainted at the top, just take a paint brush and go over it.

Let dry.

Next take more paint and paint over your wood, making sure to get the knots of the top of the chain covered.Depending on what color your wood is you might need to do a few coats.

Let dry completely.

Step 4: Cutting Out the Hearts

Take your piece of paper and fold it 8 times or more.

Next, trace half a heart onto the folded side of your paper. Make sure the middle of the heart is right up against the fold of the paper.

Cut out.

If you folded the correct number of times you should have 4 hearts.

Step 5: Gluing

Heat up your glue gun.

When it's heated run glue along one half of a heart and glue it to a matching half of another heart.

Do the same to the other two hearts so you have 2 sets.

Run glue down the middle of one of the heart pairs and lay your chain down the middle of it. Please look at the pictures, they explain better then me:)

Take your next heart pair and glue down the middle and on the inside of both "wings" and press down right on top of the other half. Make sure your chain is in the middle and out of the bottom of the heart.

Just keep making hearts and gluing them on the chain! to make things more interesting, stagger your hearts so they aren't just hanging in a straight line. I put 3 hearts on each of the longer chains and 2 on the shorter ones. If you make smaller hearts you can fit more onto your chains.

Step 6: Hanging Up

Once you having as many hearts on your strings as you want, take 2 nails and pound them into the middle of both ends, leaving about an inch poking out.

Measure out how much string you want for hanging your wall decoration up. Don't make your string too long or it will look weird.

Tie your string end around each nail very tightly.

Hammer in the nails close to the wood so they pin down the string.

Cute off any excess string and you are finished!

Step 7: Finished!

Hope you had fun making this and the instructions were clear enough. If you found any issues, comment and I will try and fix them!

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