Introduction: Paper Hot Air Balloon Mobile

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Dear friends, Its me Vincent John.

Here in this instructable I would like to show how to make a Hot Air Balloon Mobile out of paper for indoor decorations. The size of the model shown in this tutorial is as small as your hand. So if required, you can increase the size of template printouts to make a bigger one. First of all, How patience you are, better will be the perfection. So take your own time to get the best results. And I apologize for all my mistakes in this tutorial. So let's make it.

Watch video for visual instructions and please share the video if you like it.

[I am not a native English speaker, so kindly forgive me if my English is poor.]

Step 1: Tools and Materials Required

Tools Required:

  1. Glue
  2. Cutting Blade

Materials Required:

  1. Black Craft Paper and White Craft Paper. You can choose any pair of colors as you wish. Paper should have a size greater than or equal to that of the size of template.
  2. Template. We need two printouts of the template. The template includes two parts:
    • Balloon part
    • Basket part

Step 2: Templates

First of all, Let's cut out the templates provided. So start with the balloon template.

  1. Apply Glue on the back of the printed balloon template. You should not apply glue everywhere on the paper but only on four corners.
  2. Now paste it on the white craft paper.
  3. And cut out the template off the white paper using a cutting blade.
  4. Image 4, shows the cut out template out of white craft paper. Keep it aside.
  5. Now take the second copy of the balloon template and paste it on the black craft paper.
  6. Cut out the template out of black paper.
  7. Image 7, shows the cut out template out of black craft paper. Keep it aside.
  8. Here comes the basket template. Paste it on the black craft paper.
  9. Cut out the template out of black paper.
  10. As you can see in image 10, basket template has two parts.
  11. Let's name the part shown in image 11 as the connector. Because it connects the basket onto the base of the balloon.
  12. And the part shown in image 12 is the basket.
  13. Remember to cut those small radial lines around the circle in basket template.
  14. Image 14, shows the whole cut outs required for the Hot Air Balloon Mobile.

Step 3: Join Both the Balloon Templates Together.

Now we have to join both templates together so that we can weave them with ease.

  1. For that mark the center of white balloon template using a pen.
  2. Image 2, shows the mark.
  3. In the same way mark the center of black balloon template.
  4. Image 4, shows the same.
  5. Now using pointed tool like a compass, make a hole at that mark on white balloon template.
  6. Do the same with the black.
  7. Take a wool thread of desired color.
  8. Pass one end of the thread through the hole on white template.
  9. And pass the same end through the hole on black one. You can choose any order.
  10. Now make a knot by interweaving twice the same end.
  11. Image 11, shows the tied knot pulled tightly to secure the templates. This thread is used to hang the Hot Air Balloon Mobile upside down later.

Step 4: Start Weaving the Balloon

Now let's work out the interesting part of the craft which is weaving the balloon.

  1. Start from the center.
  2. Lift one of the black leaf and hold it.
  3. Now find the white leaf that lies just below the black leaf on hold.
  4. Pick that white leaf.
  5. And bring it to the top of the black leaf on hold. Now we have interlaced one section.
  6. Now start interlacing the leaves next to it.
  7. Image 7, shows 3 such interlaced sections.
  8. Image 8, shows the completed first layer from the center.
  9. Now continue with the second layer.
  10. Make sure that you are interlacing the correct leaves in between.
  11. After second layer, start the third one.
  12. Image 12, shows the completed third layer. Till now it looks flat.
  13. On further weaving we can see that the structure starts to take the shape of a balloon.
  14. While weaving you should not leave gaps in between the interlacing sections. So make sure that it is tightly interlaced.
  15. Now you may feel difficult to hold the leaves in position around the balloon. So glue some of the selected interlacing sections in between to hold the shape as shown in image 15.
  16. Image 16 to Image 20, continue weaving the balloon in the same manner until it's end. Keep in mind - check the shape in between", "Leave no gaps in between", "Use glue to to hold the interlaced leaves in position".
  17. Image 20 and Image 21, shows the completed balloon part.

Step 5: It's Time for the Basket

Now it's time for making the basket.

  1. Take the connector part in the basket template. You can see some radial strips inside it.
  2. Bend all those strips upwards.
  3. Apply glue on one end of the main circular strip.
  4. Paste it on to the other end of the main strip.
  5. So that it obtain a cone like shape as shown in Image 5.
  6. Now take the basket part.
  7. Bend all small strips around the circle upwards and paste the ends of main strip together to form a ring as shown in Image 7.
  8. Apply glue on that bent strips.
  9. Paste it into the ring as shown in Image 9.
  10. Now take the connector part once more and apply glue on to the narrow extending strips.
  11. Paste those connector strips into the basket.
  12. Image 12, shows finished basket template.

Step 6: Finally

Finally, Apply glue inside the connector part and paste it onto the base of the balloon. Do not apply more pressure on the balloon as it may deform it's shape. After applying glue, gently place the connector onto the base of the balloon and keep it aside.

Step 7: Hot Air Balloon Mobile

Now you can make more balloons of different colors and hang it from above. It's a cute, creative piece for indoor decorations. Personally I think color combinations like White-Silver, Red-White, Orange-Brown, Violet-White etc would look more beautiful than the one I have made in this instructable. Unfortunately only those two colors, Black and White, were only available to me at this moment. So try with different colors of your own choice and please share your creations. I Hope you all enjoyed.

And Thanks for your Precious Time.