Introduction: Paper House Circuit

Light up House


-Copper Tape


-Box cutter/ Exacto Knife/ Scissors

-Mat (for box cutter/ exacto knife)


Step 1: Step One: Making the House

Use the template above to cut out the front and back of the house. Cut along the DASHED LINES for the front. For the back, DO NOT cut out the windows and or door.

Cut two side pieces as well

(Optional: if wanted make a floor with just a sheet of paper which is just a rectangle)

Fold the paper along the dotted line for the (light blue colored) roof

Tape all the pieces EXCEPT for the roof together. (the roof will go on at the end after we attach the circuit)

Step 2: Creating the Circuit

Before starting, test your battery and LED to make sure they work

Grab your copper wire tape and cut two strands. Make sure one is longer than the other

Take the LED Legs and open them to lie completely flat.

NOTE: LED lights have a positive and a negative leg. You can spot the negative leg by looking inside the bulb and looking for the bigger triangular piece. Negative leg has to go with negative side of battery and the positive leg has to go with the positive side of the battery.

Adhere the tape to a piece of paper and place the light under there as well. Then make sure that you put the battery on the shorter copper tape. If the negative leg is on the shorter tape then make sure the negative side of the battery is touching that piece and vice versa.

We are trying to hide the light and make it attached to the circle window pane horizontally. So cut accordingly to hide the exposed pieces of paper shown through the window pane(s).

Step 3: Folding and Attaching the Circuit to the House

Fold the paper circuit to align it with the window pane

(I also made a floor for the house, this is optional. Make sure if you make a floor to not tape it to the front of the house because you need to leave space to put in the paper circuit so it can go out at the bottom of the house) (either way the end of the paper circuit should come out at the bottom to make it look like a path)

Step 4: Final

Tape paper circuit to the inside of the house and test it out!