Paper Hovercfaft(2?)

Introduction: Paper Hovercfaft(2?)

I've been making these hovercrafts for several years, so I decided to post 1 version of it. I think I already saw someone else post a similar version, which looks like my V2. Enjoy........o and follow the notes on the pictures carefully.

Step 1: Materials

I hope you have figured this out already, but if you didn't, you're going to need 1 pice of paper.

Step 2: Making

follow the notes in the pics.

Step 3: Final Touches

follow the pic.

Step 4: Using

watch the video If you don't know how I made it move, I made a sudden puff of air, like when a kindergardener is pronouncing letters. it goes like: PU! except you dont have to say it. just puff really hard don't blow.

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    3.5 / 5 Try Divideing Part 2 into like 6 peices as it was hard to follow Nice Design (But Now I have to Memorize it)