Paper Lightsaber

Introduction: Paper Lightsaber

Hello! Today, I will be showing you how to craft a paper lightsaber. The first time I ever watched a Star Wars movie, I thought lightsabers were the coolest thing, and I always wanted to have one. After asking many other people, this is a widely-spread feeling. Well, Star Wars fans, now you can have one! On a scale of one to ten, the difficulty of this project is about a two.


A piece of paper, preferably an 8 inch by 11.5 inch piece

A pair of scissors

(Optional) About an inch of tape

Step 1: Fold Your Paper in Half

Hold your piece of paper in half the shorter way, or, if you know what this means, hamburger style.

Step 2: Fold Your Paper in Half Again

Bring either the top edge or bottom edge to the crease you made in the previous step and make a fold.

Step 3: Optional

This is optional, but you can fold the edge that you didn't fold to the center crease in the previous step to make extra lightsabers.

Step 4: Time to Use the Scissors

Cut along the creases you've formed in previous steps.

Step 5: Start Assembling Your Lightsaber

Orient one of strips you made the long way (the hotdog way), and form a very thin flap on one of the smaller edges.

Step 6: Fold Your Paper in Half (again)

Fold your paper in half parallel to the longer side.

Step 7: Just Two More Times!

Fold the top and bottom sides to the middle crease.

Step 8: No More Half Folds

Take the bottom right corner of your paper and fold it up to the top, forming a triangle.

Step 9: Almost Done

Flip your paper over and fold the right edge over the crease you made in the previous step. This should form a large flap about 2 inches long, much larger than the flap that you made in step 5.

Step 10: The Last and Hardest Step

This is the most confusing step, because you can easily mess it up. Take the bottom part of your larger flap and fold it around the back of your paper, then insert it into the top part of the larger flap. Make sure you can see the roll you just made. Insert one of the smaller flap of the inside of your to-be tube under the other, and bam, you should have a paper lightsaber. I would suggest taping the larger flap (or the hilt, as you can see now) shut, because it comes out easily. You can repeat steps 5 through 10 with any other strips of paper you made to craft more lightsabers.

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