Introduction: Paper Mâché Picture Frame

This is a fun, inexpensive, and easy way to frame your artwork, that you can customize to fit the unique look and style of your project.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Things you will need:

  • Your artwork
  • 3 sheets of cardboard larger than the size of your art
  • Paper Mâché glue powder
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pen or pencil
  • craft glue
  • paint brush
  • newspaper, pages of an old book, or other paper

Step 2: Build the Frame

For this step you will need:

  • 3 card board sheets
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • pen
  • ruler

Step 3: Build the Frame Part A

Create the top layer of the frame:

  1. Lay out your artwork onto one piece of cardboard and trace the outside of the art so that you have an outline the same size as your art.
  2. Use the ruler to measure 3/4in outside of the line traced around the art work, and mark this spot with the pen. You will do this for all 4 sides of the traced rectangle.
  3. Again using the ruler connect the measured 3/4 markings with a straight line to create a larger rectangle around the traced line.
  4. Also measure 1/4in inside of the traced line and draw another rectangle inside, just like the outside rectangle in 3.

  5. Cut out the rectangle frame that you have created with the lines, make sure you cut out the middle rectangle along the 1/4in line so that the width of the frame will be 1in total.

Step 4: Build the Frame Part B

Create the middle layer of the frame to hold the art in place:

  1. Repeat 1-3 in Build the Frame Part A (note this is creating another frame shape, but this one leaves out the 1/4in on the inside, creating a 3/4in width frame.)
  2. Cut out this frame shape.
  3. Now you should have 2 frames one 1in width and the other 3/4in in width.

Step 5: Build the Frame Part C

Create the back of the Frame:

  1. Using the last piece of cardboard only outside of the 1in width frame creating another rectangle.
  2. Cut out this rectangle (There should be no hole in the middle of the this rectangle as it is to be the back of the frame holding that art in place.)

Step 6: Build the Frame Part D

Assemble the Frame:

  1. Lay out the full rectangle without the hole.
  2. Take the 3/4in width frame, glue one side and place it on the solid rectangle. Make sure the size of the lines match up.
  3. Place your artwork in the hole of the frame so that the back of your art is touching the solid rectangle on the back of the frame.
  4. Finally, put glue on one side of the 1in frame and place this on top of the 3/4in frame, so that the art is held in place by the frame.

Step 7: Paper Mâché the Frame

For this step you will need:

  • paper Mâché glue
  • paint brush
  • newspaper, pages from and old book, or other paper

Step 8: Paper Mâché the Frame Part A

Prepare the Materials:

  1. Using the Paper Mâché glue powder, follow the package instructions on the correct proportions of water and powder to create the glue, as this can vary by brand.
  2. Tear up the book pages, newspaper, or other paper you are going to use to decorate the outside of the frame.

Step 9: Paper Mâché the Frame Part B

Decorate the Frame:

  1. Using the paint brush and prepared glue brush a section of the frame with a layer of glue (it is best to work in sections as the glue has a tendency to dry quickly.)
  2. Place pieces of the torn paper around the frame where you have spread the glue.
  3. Continue this around the frame until all edges are covered with paper.
  4. Use the brush and glue to brush over the completed layer of paper to set the pieces in place.
  5. You may repeat this with multiple layers of paper always starting and ending with a layer of glue until you are satisfied with the way the frame looks.

Step 10: Let the Frame Dry and Display

  • Once you have completed the steps above wait until your frame is completely dry and the display your newly framed art.