Introduction: Paper Mache Volcano WITHOUT Using Newspaper

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How many hundreds of paper mache volcanos have been made by students & parents for school science fairs?! That’s lots of paper, glue & mess. The paper mache volcano is not an original idea, but this method using paper coffee filters makes the process a little simpler.

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  • Empty glass soda or beer bottle at least 8” tall
  • Lots of plastic grocery bags
  • Painters Tape
  • Coffee filters (not the cone shaped ones)
  • White glue, large flat mixing container
  • Mod Podge
  • Four year old child with paints
  • Plastic wrap or aluminum foil
  • Waterproof table cover

Step 1: ​Cover Work Surface With a Waterproof Table Cover. Cover This With Plastic Wrap or Aluminum Foil on Which to Build the Volcano.

Place bottle on table, lightly scrunch up the plastic grocery bags & place them around the bottle (do not cover the bottle opening), taping in place until you are pleased with the shape.

Step 2: Add Coffee Filters.

Thin the white glue with a little bit of water mixing it in the flat container. Don’t make it too runny. Throughly soak each coffee filter in the mix working with one at a time. Place it on the bagged volcano shape. Continue placing filters on the volcano, overlapping where necessary. Smooth out any air bubbles. One layer was enough. Let dry. Give the volcano a couple of coats of mod podge to add strength. Let dry between coats. Once dry, carefully peel away the plastic bags. The volcano is ready for paint.

Step 3: Let the Four Year Old Go to Town Creating a Volcano Masterpiece!

Step 4: Watch This Video to See What Happens Next!

To use the volcano: Place the paper mache volcano over the same bottle used to construct the form. Add your favorite kid-friendly explosive mix (baking soda, vinegar, & food coloring) & watch the eruption with the same glee as a kid!

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