Introduction: Paper Made Harry Potter Wand With the Lumos Spell

About: Hey! my name is Chirag Mathur and I love machines and making things which make lives easy.

Since childhood I was a potter fan and always wanted his awesome wand. One day lights went out while I was watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and as I stretched my hand for a torch, this idea strick me. It is a very easy to make wand which lights up.

Step 1: Materials Required.

You will need :-
1. An LED (of any colour)
2. Wires
3. Paper (of size according to your wand)
4. Glue
5. Paper Clips
6. Electric Tape
7. Acrylic/Poster Paint (shade of your choice)
8. Drinking Straw.

Tools Required :-
1. Hot Glue Gun
2. Soldering Machine.

Step 2: Making the Circuit.

Take the LED solder the wires with it. I strongly recommend to use a wire tape to cover the soldering as it will keep the connection firm.
Now take the battery. I have taken 3 button cells and joined them with electric tape but you can also use any other battery. But before connecting the battery, please check its width as we don't want our wand to be very broad. The voltage of the battery can depend upon your LED.
Now stick one wire with the battery using the tape and leave the other open. Please take care of the negative and positive terminal. Now take another piece of wire and attach it to the other side of the battery. Your circuit is complete. To test it, connect the two open ends of the wires and see if LED is glowing or not.
If it is working then slowly slide the it into a drinking straw.

Step 3: Making the Outer Covering.

Now, take a chart paper and cut a part of it. This part will make the outer covering of our wand. The size of the wand will depend upon the diagonal of the paper. So take the size accordingly. I recommend to take the diagonal 1 inch longer than the size of the wand. I was making Harry's wand whose size is 11 inches, so I took the diagonal 12 inches. Now wrap the circuit around the paper tightly and stick the end with double side tape or glue.
Trim the extra paper using scissors to make the base equally round.
Your outer structure of the wand is ready!!

Step 4: Making the Switches.

Now take two Paper Clips and bend them in the way shown in the image. If your paper clips are coloured, then it will be helpful if you scratch out the colour and let the metal remain. The obtained clips will work as our switches.
Now take these switches and solder then with the open ends of the wires of our circuit.
After successful soldering the light will glow whenever the two pins will come in contact with each other.

Step 5: Attaching the Switches and Making It Stiff.

Firstly test your switches. Now place them on the handle as shown. You can separate the handle and make it look more realistic by some hot glue. Stick the pins like this and cover the rest with hot glue to keep them in place. You must remember one thing, there should be a gap of 1mm or 2mm between the pins.

Now in order to make it stiff, fill the hollow inside of paper with loads of Hot glue. This will make your wand stiff. The hotness of the glue can make the rest of it to melt to a little extent but it won't slide down. It will be better if you hold it with the opposite end and let the glue dry completely.

Step 6: Giving the Finishing Touch.

Now as your wand is ready, it's painting time.
Colour it with the colours of your heart and finish your wand. You can also give some textures with Hot Glue or by sticking Tissue Paper to make it more attractive and realistic.
Now it's all ready to perform your spells like Lumos and the Patronus charm. Enjoy!!!

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