Introduction: Paper Match Rockets With Launcher

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Make little rockets out of paper matches that fly up to 30 feet! These are made out of just some houshold materials.
I am not responsible for any injuries caused by this project. Please wear eye protection when launching. Never shoot these at someone as they involve fire. Fire can burn you. Don't pick these up right after they land. Only use on pavement, or my personal favorite, into a lake, not on grass.

Step 1: Materials

Here are the materials you need:
-Paper matches
-A needle
-About 10" of 1/2" PVC pipe (you could just use part of a broomstick or somethin' but I had some of this pipe laying around)
-A chip clip or some kind of clip-not a clothes pin (again, whatever is conveniant for you)
-Dental floss or tic tac case (optional)

Some tools are also needed:

Step 2: Make the Rockets

First, cut a roughly 3/4" inch square of foil. Then, cut the head off of one of the matches (I know it's cruel), leaving enough of the paper so the powder doesn't crumble. Roll the foil so there is a "pocket" for the match head to fit in. Set the head in the pocket and roll it once or twice-but don't crimp it tightly. Stick the needle into one of the ends of the rocket, and make sure it touches the head (see photo). Roll the whole thing tightly around the needle and at the top, and it should look something like the 5th photo.
8) good job 8)

Step 3: Now for the Launcher

First, cut the PVC pipe to about a foot long. Wrap half of it in duct tape and the other half in foil. Make a ball of foil and stick the needle through it. Jam the ball into the pipe with the needle facing out and use the edge of a table to push it in tight. Tape the clip to the side of the pipe right near the top next to the needle (photo 6). You are now ready to launch.

Step 4: Launch!

Put on your safety goggles, and find a safe place to shoot. Place one of your rockets on the needle. Put a match in the clip so it is about 1/4" away from the bottom of the rocket. Light the match with a lighter or another match, and you will have about 3 seconds before it launches. After the rocket releases, blow the match out. If it does not launch, don't touch it. Get it off the needle and onto the ground and stomp it out.