Paper Mosaic




Introduction: Paper Mosaic

This Project was an art assignment for school. It required a lot of time and effort, but I was determined to make it look exactly like the famous person I chose. After I finished, I beyond thrilled with the outcome. Hard work clearly does pay off. 

Step 1: Pick a Person

First, you go to google images and find a picture of a person you will want to draw. It is best to pic a head shot of someone because it will be hard to capture all the detailed if it is full body. After you found one, save the picture. Go and edit the picture, changing it to black and white and then adjusting the exposure and highlights. Save and print the picture like that. 

Step 2: Drawing the Face

Once the picture is printed, make a grid on the paper you will use and make a grid on the picture you print. This way it'll be easier to draw the face exactly how it looks onto your own paper. Draw the picture box by box, but make sure you enlarge it as your draw it. You want to draw all the details too. If there is a bring spot on the chest for example, then draw that bright spot. You want to outline if there is any color changes. 

Step 3: Painting Paper

Now paint three other pieces of paper different shades of black/grey. I did four. I did black, dark grey, light grey, and white. Once the paint dries, rip each piece into many different pieces. All different shapes and sizes. 

Step 4: Filling in the Drawing

Now take those different color pieces and start gluing them to the face you draw. You will nee to look at the original paper you printed so you can see where it is dark and where it is light. Make sure you get every detail so your picture looks more realistic. 

Step 5: Finishing Touch

Now you have created your master piece! If you have white space in the back, you can paint that with any color. It defines where the face is. i chose purple. That's all!!

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    Question 6 months ago

    how did you make the eyes?