Introduction: Paper Ninja Star

This is an 8 sided paper ninja star.

It can turn into a frisbee when pulled out.

Step 1: Beginning Folds

Take 8 square pieces of paper and fold all of them at the diagonals and the halves.

Step 2: Turning the Squares Into Parallelograms

Use one of the diagonal folds to fold the each of the squares in half.

Fold one of the vertices in side the triangle. Note** you are folding in a vertex that is next to a leg and the` hypotenuse.

Step 3:

now grab each parallelogram and it's opposite and push inward.

Step 4:

take the nose end (inward fold) of 2 parallelograms and put one of the noses in to the other tail.

fold the back tips of the tail into the other parallelogram. Repeat until you have all 8 into a circle.

when all 8 are attached insert the nose from the first one in the 8th one and hook.