Introduction: Origami Ninja Star

The deadly Ninja star also known as a Shuriken or Throwing Blade. Its the Ninjas trusty secondary weapon that can kill from a distance without anyone seeing the attacker. In this instructable we will be making a less dangerous version of the famed Ninja Star that cost you little to nothing at all to make. We will be making it out of 2 pieces of paper. Lets get to it!

Base Design from John Austin

Things you will need:

  • 2 sheets of paper (preferably square)
  • Scissors
  • Hands and fingers

Ideas and tips:

  • Use two different colors of paper for a neat looking finished product
  • Add cool designs with markers, pens, or any tool for an awesome look
  • Possibly add red tips to make it look like you just finished with a kill

Step 1: (optional): Do This Step If Your Paper Isn't Already Square

If your paper isn’t already square, an easy way to get your paper square and ready for folding is to simply fold your paper from any corner to until it is touching the edge.

Now trim all the excess paper off of the edge making a triangle. Now you simply unfold the triangle and there you have 2 perfectly square sheets of paper!

Step 2: Time to Get Folding

Fold both sheets of paper in half horizontally like so

Step 3:

Fold both sheets of paper horizontally in half again

Step 4:

Now fold the two pieces of paper vertically in half

Now you undo this fold leaving a crease down the middle

Step 5:

Pull the left side of both papers and twist it downwards stopping at the crease made in Step 3, repeat this with both sides to make it look like the shape above

Step 6:

Flip over both papers

Step 7:

Fold tip of papers down like this

Should look like this when done

Step 8:

Fold the two points over the each other to looking like the picture above

Step 9:

Flip one of the papers over so that they look like this

Step 10:

Rest the papers on each other making sure they look

exactly like this

Step 11:

Fold the triangle parts into the parallel cavities

Should start looking like this when you start folding the point of
the triangles into the cavities

Should look like this when you’ve folded the first two triangles into
the cavities, after it looks like this flip it over and repeat the process

Step 12: The Finished Product

Final Product should look like this when you are done, congratulations!