Introduction: Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) - Easy Origami Ninja Star - How to Make a Paper Ninja Star

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✌✌ Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) - Easy Origami Ninja Star - How To Make A Paper Ninja Star ✌✌

If you want to make a paper ninja star - (shuriken), I recommend you to watch this tutorial.

No you can do this with only a watch. It might take a couple times watching this video for you to make the paper ninja star. Pause after each step to make it perfectly.

This origami ninja star has four points and it does very nice while throwing. So lets learn to make a shuriken or origami ninja star. It is a very easy ninja star making tutorial that will help you to make it.

? ? Tips to make yours the best paper ninja star: Please be patient while folding. Because there are lots of folding for this paper ninja star.

If you think it as hard, request someone to help you with making the shuriken or origami ninja star or the paper ninja star.

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Step 1: The Video

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