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Introduction: Paper Nunchaku

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Hey guys, so for Day 4 of Paper Week I will be showing you how to make a pair of paper nunchaku (more commonly known as nunchucks) which are great to practice with since they won't cause as much damage as wooden ones, while still being heavy enough to feel like the real thing.

Warning: nunchucks are illegal in some countries and I'm not sure if the same rules would apply to these, so I highly recommend using these only at home, and also checking out your local laws regarding nunchucks.

Step 1: Gather Materials

So to make a single nunchaku you will need:

4 Broadsheet newspapers

Duct tape

And optionally some insulating tape for decor

You will also need a ruler and a craft knife

Step 2: Rolling

Start by folding the closed newspaper in half vertically, then roll it up horizontally and secure it with tape. The resulting roll should be approximately 30cm long. Use the craft knife to flatten the ends.

Step 3: DUCT TAPE!

Wrap the whole thing in a good layer of duct-tape. Make two 20 cm strips by folding 4 lengths of tape in half and taping them together.

Use insulating tape to attach the strips to each side of the paper roll, now repeat the previous steps to make another roll and attach it to the strips of duct tape as shown.

Step 4: Finishing Up

The last step is to secure the strips together in the middle with more tape.

Although these are made with newspaper, they are reasonably heavy and surprisingly solid, although they are still pretty forgiving if you end up hitting yourself in the head...

So have fun making and using these, if you liked this tutorial, please comment, follow and vote for me in the Paper Craft and Duct tape contests. :-)

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