Introduction: Paper Pendant

I have always like the look of a single pendant. I have a single pendant necklace (which is seen in a lot of my instructables) that I wear all the time. I am also a fan of making things out of fabric and paper so I wanted to see if I could mix the best of both worlds and create a great paper pendant.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what I used to create my pendant



Wood sealer

Step 2: Create Paper Pendant

I started by creating a design I wanted out of the paper

In this case I created a diamond shape.

Cut out your design.

Note: To create a thicker pendant it is good to cut out multiple iterations of the design and then laminate them together. In this design I was doing a little experimentation to see what it would be like to just use one paper thickness for a pendant.

Step 3: Dip in Sealer

This sealer is commonly used for wood and creates a protective coat around the wood.

I used this to dunk my pendants in a give them more stability and protection.

After dunking let dry for a couple hours.

Step 4: Dry

After it is dunked allow sufficient time for the sealer to dry,

All that is left is to add the pendant to a necklace.

I really enjoy how the sealer creates shine and luster to the paper as well as giving great stability for protection from wear.