Introduction: Paper Pizzazz 101

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In this instructable I will be showing you how to use paper to make any object, of any size or shape, into a unique artistic creation. The best part is, all you need to know is how to cut and paste!

Step 1: PreStep: Gathering Materials

Ok, so first you will need the materials. These are all common and easy to find materials, most of which are probably around your house. If you have trouble finding any of them please post a comment and i will try to help.

Materials you will need:

Scissors (Any kind will do)
Double Sided Tape (The clearer and thinner the better)
All Purpose High Gloss Varnish (You should be able to get it at your local art store)
Computer With Internet Connection (Or you could draw your own designs)
Printer (Hooked up to computer if you are using one)
Paper (standard 11.5x8 printer paper)
Object (This can be anything that you want to make cooler, or simply has lost its pizzazz)

Once you have all your materials you can start working, have fun!

Step 2: Step 1: Preparing the Paper

In this next step you will be finding (or drawing), formatting, printing, and cutting, the paper.

Finding and Printing the Picture (If you drew an image, skip to Cutting and Preparing the Paper)
To do this you will first need to search the internet for a design you like. (Or simply draw one) Second, you will want to prepare the picture for printing. To do this you right click on the image, then click Save image as...   . A window should pop up asking you where you would like to save it, this does not matter and you can just click save. If you are using google chrome, a bar at the bottom of the screen should appear, if not then a new window labeled Downloads will. Right click on the first download and click open. This will open the image in your default image veiwing software, in my case paint. Now you may change the image however you like! Once you are done click file, scroll down to print, and scroll over and click page setup. This will open a new window. Once in that window you can change the size, position, and orientation of your image, I only changed the size to US Index Card 5x8. When you are done, click OK. The window will close, DON'T WORRY, your setting were saved. Now click file, scrool down to print, scroll over and click print. This will open a new window, don't change any settings, and click print. If you did everyhting right, then you should end up with your image printed on paper.  

Cutting and Preparing the Paper
Now that you have your printed or drawn image you need to cut it to fit your object. To do this you need to first cut out the entire image using the scissors, try to make these cuts as straight as possible. Then measure where you will need to cut the image to accomidate for removable parts, in my case the cap and body of the pen. Then, turn over your peices of paper so the image is facing down, and place two peices of tape on either side of the peices. One of the peices must not protrude over the edge of the paper, while the other one must be about half way off the opposite edge. This is clearly shown in one of the images below if you don't understand it.

Once all of this is done you are ready to move on to the next step, good luck!

Step 3: Final Step: Paper Placement and Varnishing

Your almost done, in this step you will be wrapping your object in the prepared paper and varnishing it.

Wrapping Your Object
So now that you have your paper all ready to go, you can start the wrapping procedure. Start with the end that has the tape half way off the edge, and stick it to the object, aligning it as well as possible. Make sure your image is facing outwards, and that the words, if you have them, will end up in the right place. Next, slowly and carefully, pull the image tight enough that it will not rip, but will stay nice and cozy around your object, and wrap it around the object. If you started with the right end, then your image should end without any tape showing. Repeat this procces for any other removable pieces.

Varnishing Your Object 
Once your object is all wrapped up and you like the way it looks, you can varnish it, so that the paper does not wear and tear. I used quick-drying spray varnish, which i think is the easiest, but other paint on varnishes may be stronger. Whatever you use though, the process is the same, place the object on newspapers or plywood (not on the grass because we are all eco-friendly here) and spray or paint one side of the object. Once that side is dry,turn it over and varnish the other side. If you are using white paper, the varnish may turn the paper clear, but it will dry white, don't worry!

Once the varnish dries you should be done. 

Step 4: Conclusion

Well, you did it, you just completed another instructable! Give yourself a pat on the back, and please post your creations, ideas, and images below! Thank you for taking a look at this, and happy pizzazzing to you all!

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