Introduction: Paper Plane

Paper plane :D :D

Step 1: Doing It XD

fold the paper in half :D and make sure you got A4 paper format normally :v

Step 2: Doing It XD

unfold what you fold XD

Step 3: Folding :D

now do that on the picture XD

Step 4: Folding :D

when you do that last step fold it down idk english very good i dont know how i can explain XD

Step 5: Folding :D

then fold the top to the edge that you fold XD o.o

Step 6: Folding Pro :D

then unfold it and do that on picture XD

Step 7: Folding

then you will have that piece ... just cover it up. get it? XD

Step 8: Almost Done

turn over ur paper k?

Step 9: Almost ._.

then fold that lil piece about 5 or 3 milimeters idk just make sure its not too tiny XD

Step 10: Folding Almost Done

fold tha plane :D

Step 11: Folding ):

fold the wing :v do that on other side :D

Step 12: :/

it will look something liek thies XDDD

Step 13: Folding :/

fold these lil wings make sure its small but also make sure its not too small

Step 14: Flding :)

do that on another side it will look somthing like this

Step 15: Finish

on the end curve this lil bit up . :D you are done do that on another side an it will fly like a bird XD :D BYEEEE