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As you can see, all of my projects use this special white paper. I got it from the paper between X-ray films. You probably have never seen or heard of it but you could use cardstock glued together instead of it. Anyways, back to the Instructable.

I saw some of the projectors here for the old ipods and other video players. I thought to try it myself with the supplies I have. The other ones didn't work for the iPod touch, I have the retina display version. The retina display is 2 the resolution than the previous iPod Touches. It would make a great projector for the high quality screen. I made this with thick paper(as talked about above), a small mirror(from some old kit I had, and a magnifying glass. unfortunatly they both are scratched and the image quality isn't the best, but it works. I can project it with no distortion at about 4 feet away with an image size of about 2 feet wide. Unfortuantly My camera broke, so I cant show it working, i  have to use the crummy iPod touch camera.
This is not a step by step instructable, but if someone comments for it, i will try to show how to make it in an Instructable.

Sorry for no notes in the images, there might be a bug where i cant save it.

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