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Today I would like to unveil a new project series, all about the wonders of PAPERCRAFT.  If you couldn't tell from one of my previous works, I absolutely love papercrafts.  They're awesome- it's like 3D printing on a budget!  Even though I don't create all my patterns myself, I'm always scouring the internet for new papercraft models and new designs to build.  

As such, I will be creating a new project category for myself Papercraft Publications or Paper Pubs! This is where I take an awesome papercraft pattern I find online/ design myself and simply show the process of how I made it.  There's a lot of awesome papercrafts out there and I just want to pay them tribute.

So lets get crafting!  #1 on my list is how to turn construction paper into an Awesome iPod/ iPhone Television Dock.

PS I'm sorry if the video and audio is a bit screwed up.  My digital camera is not too good at taking them.

Step 1: Papercraft Profile

I got the idea to make this from Trickartt's sweet post it note television set.  In case you haven't seen it, he took a bunch of post it notes and created an awesome slide in television box from it.  Video here:

I just thought that that idea was so creative and awesome that I had to build my own.

When making mine, however, I wanted to be a bit more creative.  I was debating between awesome and retro or adorable and kawaii.  Since I just ate at a dine in restaurant for lunch, I decided for a more colorful aesthetic.  Kawaii!

The basic design for my television set came from the Chao TV set pattern from Sonic Team's website.  I basically just rescaled it until it fit the length of my iPod Touch and made it from construction paper.  

Step 2: Materials & Pattern

Before we begin, I just want to say that one of the things I am completely against, is handing out the patterns to other people's papercraft designs without their permission.  Unless it comes from a big corporation that freely distributes them, even if it's not for profit, I feel that taking other people's work and resubmitting on your own is infringing on copyright and tantamount to stealing.

HOWEVER, for this project, thankfully it falls into "Free Use" and promotion, since SEGA distributed the papercrafts on their site.

Basically, as far as papercrafting goes, you only really need three tools 
  1. A pair of sharp scissors
  2. strong glue
  3. Tweezers
Of course, variations on these for different kinds of papercrafts, but as a start I would suggest a pair of kitchen or barber scissors, Aleene's Tacky Glue and needle nose tweezers.

Step 3: Cut Out the Body

This papercraft is really simple, basically one of the easiest crafts you could make- it's just a box that houses your iPod/iPhone.  If you want to take a simplistic route, all you have to do is scale the pattern image in something like MS Paint to get the right dimension, print it out and then use that. 

Being the overzealous paper fanatic, however, I made mine completely out of colored construction paper.  Took much much longer as well, but I like the overall look.

Step 4: Glue the Body Together

It's a pretty standard rectangular papercraft box shape: two large walls, a third smaller wall, and each are separated by a folding width that goes around the circumference.  DO NOT GLUE THE BACK YET, we still need to add the iPod dock pouch.

Also, make sure that the body of the papercraft fits the width of your iPhone/iPod touch.

Step 5: The Dock Pouch

This step is a tad complicated but nothing too difficult.  Basically what we're creating is a sliding port on the side of the television so your iDevice can go in and out easily.  

Take a regular Index Card and with a pen or pencil trace the general outline of you iDevice on it.  Doesn't need to be exactly straight, just enough so that you have enough space on each side.

Then, taking the remaining tabs, fold two 90 angles. This will provide for the "pocket like" shape of the pouch.

Step 6: Cut the Slot

Next, taking your dock pouch, glue it to the directly to the back of your of the television's front face, right behind the giant hole for the screen.  Then, using a pair of scissors or an exacto knife cut a slot so your iDevice can slide in.

Tip: You may want to reinforce it with other paper, to ensure the hole doesn't rip later on.

Step 7: Accoutrements

Now, add on the rest of the papercraft, like the Antennae, the TV reception pyramid and whatever kind of knobs or switches you would like

Step 8: Watch Now!

And now you are finished!  Congrats, you now have a really awesome papercraft television dock for you iDevice!  Make calls from a television set and expect weird glances and funny looks!

This papercraft is very simple but it's a lot of fun.  I might even think about making one for my iPad.  Anyway, I'll be posting more Paper Publications later on so stay tuned!


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