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Introduction: Paper Quilled Earrings | Plants Vs Zombies

Sometimes earrings are all you need to spice up your appearance!

Plants vs Zombies has always been my favorite game since I was a kid. I thought it's going to be great if I made one of the plant characters. So I decided to make Chomper (plants character) earrings using paper. Even if you don't know the inspiration, it's still fun to look at!


In this project I used:

  • Colored paper: Violet, green, and pink
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Cutting pen
  • Quilling mold
  • PVA glue/white glue
  • Wire
  • Earring hooks

Step 1: The Head

Cut the violet paper into 0.2 cm width, then make a tight coil by rolling the tip of the paper strip. Don't forget to give some space (hole) in the first roll for the earrings hook (see the first picture). The coils I made were 2 cm in diameter. Mold the coil to make a bowl, and secure the shape by applying the glue. Wait until dry (while waiting you can prepare the tongue in step 2).

After that join the two bowls to make the head of Chomper. I added a little paper strip on the back to add extra security.

Step 2: The Tongue

I used a 1 cm paper strip to make the tongue by rolling the corner of the strip until I get a cone shape. Secure the cone by adding a little glue. Then, glue the cone inside the head

Step 3:

Chomper has green lips. To add that detail, cut green paper into a 0.2 cm strip and then glue it down on the head.

Step 4: The Thorn and Tooth

To add the thorn on the head, I used the cone technique from step number two but using a 0.5 cm green paper strip. I made 4 thorns and attach them to the head.

To make the tooth, draw an arch and cut in zigzag outside the arch line. The result will look like eyelashes extension. Then glue it inside the mouth.

Step 5: The Leaves

There are upper leaves (behind the head) and bottom leaves. The upper leaves are smaller than the bottom leaves.

Make a tight coil using a 0.2 cm green paper strip. Pinch the coil to make a leave-shaped coil. Then glue the leaves side by side. For the upper leaves, I used 5 coils, and for the bottom, I used 3 coils.

Step 6: The Stem

Cut the violet paper into 2 cm x 3cm pieces. Place a wire on the paper, then roll the paper. Secure the paper by adding glue. Now we can bend the stem as we want. Place the tip of the stem in the center of the upper leaves, and also the bottom leaves, apply some glue, and wait until they are completely dry.

After that attach the head to the upper leaves by adding some glue.

Now we have Chomper

Advance: You can cover this paper quilling using varnish to add more protection

Step 7: The Hook

Insert the wire into the hole on the head. Bend the tip of the wire to secure it. Add earring hooks and the Chomper earrings are ready to rock!

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    5 weeks ago

    I absolutely love PvZ too! I've done a bit of quilling, but it's always been on a flat plane. Your creativity is amazing! Great idible! Thanks for tickling my interest and moving my mind towards the possibilities I'd never considered!


    Reply 4 weeks ago

    Thank you so much! I hope my instructable is understandable, and please let me know if you try this project too :D