Paper Quilling Earrings




Introduction: Paper Quilling Earrings

Making a pair of earrings with everyday items is a challenge. For me, the paper is the everyday item I chose for this instructable. I hope you enjoy this project and try to make your own jewelry with that method.

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Step 1: Gather Supplies


  • Paper or quilling paper
  • Papercraft glue
  • Ear wire hooks
  • Small screw eye pins


  • Small electric drill or Hand drill
  • Quilling needle tools (Optional)

Step 2: Qulling

if you want the final result to be a perfect roll then it would be good to use a quilling needle tool. For me, the imperfect look you get using only your hands is what I prefer for this project. I start to fold the edge of the paper and along the paper, I spread a minimal amount of glue. When the white strip is wrapped I continue with a strip of a different color to get a pattern. The variations that you can make either in the combination of colors or in the size are endless!

Step 3: Insert Small Pins

Αs soon as the glue has dried, with the use of a small drill I open a hole to screw the small eye pins into the paper roll we have made earlier.

Step 4: Last Step

In this last step, all we have to do is assemble the ear wire hooks. I hope this project was a source of inspiration and a reminder that we can make something so beautiful with simple materials easily and quickly in our home!

Thank you!

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    Aarav G
    Aarav G

    8 months ago

    Easy and fun! Will try them for my mom!