Introduction: Paper Rocket

Make your very own paper rocket that can launch up to 200 ft! In 5 easy steps and with several cheap materials this rocket could be yours.

Step 1: Make the Body for the Paper Rocket.

Wrap your construction paper around your pipe launcher to make a cylinder to act as the body for the rocket. Tape the ends to stop the paper from unraveling in later steps. Also you want to make sure that the tube is not super tight around the pipe or else your rocket will explode during launch.

Step 2: Making the Top of the Rocket.

To make the top part of the rocket first apply as many layers of tape that you feel necessary to keeping the top airtight and not allowing any air to be blown through the top during launch. If you wish to add weight to your rocket it is recommended to do it before sealing the top so that objects can be placed in the top of the rocket.

Step 3: Making the Cone.

To make the cone take a piece of paper and fold the corners in towards the center with one overlapping the other. This should make the shape of a cone. To finish the process, tape the top of the cone to stop it from unraveling and trim the cone to a size of your liking. Once finished with the cone apply hot glue to the top of the rocket and glue the cone into place.

Step 4: Making Wings.

To make wings for the rocket get a piece of construction paper or another material you choose. Shape the wings to your preference, but it's recommended to keep them slim and light, and cut them out. Apply hot glue to the sides of the rocket and glue the wings into place.

Step 5: Launch.

Now your paper rocket should be ready for launch! Place it onto your launcher but make sure it isn't too tight and then launch!