Paper Rocket



Introduction: Paper Rocket

Have you ever played with a model or toy rocket, or seen a real rocket launch on TV? In this project you will make a simple rocket out of paper and launch it by blowing into a drinking straw. Can you make the rocket that flies the farthest?


Regular paper

pencil Tape Scissor Straw Ruler, 1 cup

Step 1:

1.) First we'll make a rocket body by using paper and pencil. Make a rocket 5 inches( 5”) high and create a square . Squares have four equal sides so make it 5’’ * 5” *5” * 5”.

Step 2:

2.) Cut out the square. Next take the paper and pencil and wrap the paper around the pencil tightly to make a cylinder shape. Then, take out a pencil by twisting it and secure the cylinder with tape.

Step 3:

3.) Make a circle using a cup and make a little dot in the center of the circle to make a little triangle. Then cut out the circle and take out the piece of the pie. Next we will make a cone by taking both sides down and keep twirling it around the finger until it gets so tight around your finger .Then it will become a really tight cone and take a piece of tape and tape it.

Step 4:

Take the cylinder, put cone on top and tape it down . Make sure the cone is airtight

Step 5:

Next create two triangles on the paper to make wings. Cut out the triangles and add wings to the rocket using tape. Then you will take off the rocket by using force. You will blow all the air out of your mouth into the straw. The straw will hit the rocket and the rocket will fly.

Step 6: Challenge Questions

Try a different number of wings . what happens if you use only four wings instead of two wings?

Try different shapes for wings. For example, what happens if you make semicircular wings instead of triangles?

Try attaching the wings at different points along the length of your rocket. Do the wings still work if you put them in the middle or front of the rocket instead of the back?

Try to change one thing on the rocket and see if it goes further or not. Maybe make a smaller rocket or put less weight on the rocket.

Try to figure out what makes the rocket go further.

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