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Introduction: Paper Roll Dinosaurs

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Turning paper rolls into a pack of dinosaurs could be the best way to spent some home time with your kids.

Create your own Jurassic Park

You can use them as place cards for a birthday party or a fancy dinner!

Future Paleontologists will love them.

Step 1: Shape Your Dino and Cut

1) Flatten the paper roll by pressing it down with your hand.

2) Draw on one side of the paper roll a guide line as shown in the picture.

3) Using a pair of scissors, cut the figure following the line you just drawn.

Step 2: Paint Your Dino

6) Once cut, bend the final part to create the head of your Dino.

5) Using some acrylic colors paint your dinosaur. You can use any color and more dinosaurs you will do more colorful will be your pack!

5) Draw two dot-like eyes with a pen.

6) Enjoy your home made Jurassic Park!

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    5 years ago

    this is sensational!!! great design !


    5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, this looks like a fun project for my kids :)