Introduction: Paper Roll Sculpture

This going in the paper contest. This is free-spirited, you can make anything you want but if you want to follow along with you can


2 pieces of paper

Glue or Tape



Step 1: Grab One of the Pieces of Paper

Cut out anything that's under the height of 4 inches. Make sure there's a flap on the bottom of the cutout so you can glue it on. I made a sheep. You can see there's a flap on the bottom of it.

Step 2: Add to It

Add as many more cutouts to your paper. I suggest three more cutouts. I made one more sheep and a fence.

Step 3: Glue to Other Piece of Paper

Glue the flap to the middle of the paper. It's kinda complicated so you probably make sure where you want to put it before you glue it on. After that, you're ready for step 4

Step 4: Roll the Paper

After you've finished the gluing and cutting, Take the ends of the paper and roll to make a circle. Make sure that the ends of the paper are glued so they'll stick. After that ,you're done. Make sure you glued cutouts are on the bottom of the rolled paper.

Step 5: This Was Inspired by This.

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