Introduction: Paper Roll Wall Organizer

If you're like me, having a spacious desk is pretty important, giving room to work and think. Unfortunately, lots of things clutter my desk from pens to pencils to cords. These are items I commonly use so they need to be easily accessible and can't just be stored away.

Here's my simple solution to organize these desk items while keeping the desk clear by storing them against the wall.

Step 1: Materials

  • As many paper rolls as you need to store stuff (save those toilet paper rolls)
  • Bobby pins (Dollar store is a good place to go)
  • String
  • Push pin
  • Optional: Cord stopper ( or anything that will hold string together, ie clip, tape)

Step 2: Build

Now comes the fun part. Clip together paper rolls using the bobby pins. Make sure to secure both sides of the rolls! Because this is modular, you can put together as many rolls as you want in whatever pattern you want.

To attach your organizational unit to wall using string, a push pin, and an optional cord stopper. Cut slits at the top edge of the top tube in both the front and back and loop the string through the tube and into the slits. These slits will keep the string from sliding around. Remember to tie the two ens of the string to complete the loop.

Place the push pin on the wall above where you want to place your unit. Hang the unit by the loop of string on the push pin and adjust it's placement so that the back of it is flat against the wall. Use the cord stopper or binder clip or tape to create a loop at the top of the string to hang onto the pin. You can even use a simple knot to create this loop as well.

Step 3: Organize

Now it's time to clear the desk and organize! Place your pens, pencils, scissors, power cords, etc into these tubes and watch the space on your desk grow.

Thanks for reading!