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Introduction: Paper Shirt With Tie

About: Hello! my name is Melker and i live in sweden and are 14 years old and like to take photos and origami.

A origami paper shirt with tie and pocket

Step 1:

I used non sticky post it notes. fold one paper in half and fold the sides into the middle.

Step 2:

Fold the paper in half and fold like the pictures show.

Step 3:

on picture 2 dont fold the paper in half leave a little space about 1cm/0,4inch so you can fold the collar as shown o the last picture.

Step 4:

Turn the paper around and fold like the pictures.

Step 5:

Fold like the pictures show.

Step 6:

Done with the shirt now on to the tie.

Step 7: Tie

Take a new paper and fold it in half and cut on the line and fold the smaller piece in half and cut.

Step 8:

Fold like the pictures show.

Step 9:

fold down like the first picture and then on picture 2 fold the smaller piece around to the other side.

Step 10:

Fold like the pictures show.

Step 11:

Fold like the pictures show and then you are done with the tie.

Step 12:

cut out a little pocket and glue it to the paper.

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