Introduction: Paper Skateboard or "Tech Deck"

Bored out of your mind in school? Like to keep your hands moving? Don't own a tech deck or cant bring it to school cuz it will be taken away? If so this is for you! This paper skateboard is fun to play with and easy to master. Plus if it gets taken away, its only paper! (and tape :P) This is my first instructable so please bear with me... SO here it is!

Note: These are ambitexduros (i know i spelled that wrong)
so you can use them with either hand. Also the tail and nose are the same.

Step 1: Materials

For this you will need:

-One piece of paper (lined is probably best)
-Either Packing Tape or Duct tape (it doesnt really matter)
-5 or so minutes

Step 2: Folding

1. Fold the paper in half (hamburger sytle)
2. Fold it in half (again fold it hamburger style)
3. Again Fold it hamburger style. it should look like 3rd pic.
4. Now fold it Hotdog style and you should have a small piece of paper like in the 4th picture. (sorry about pinkness)
5. Fold the edges about 1 c.m. Use the picture for refrence.

Step 3: Taping

1. Tape the body of the skateboard.
2. Tape the ends. (this is pretty much trial and error... the more tape you put the stronger the little ends are.)

Note: sorry for the pinkness again... I used duct tape to help show were the tape is put. the only difference between the 2 is obviously color, but the duct tape one is a little heavier.

Step 4: Your Done!

One of the main things to do with this is to ollie. To do so push back on the tail with your ring finger, and when the board goes up quickly mover your hand to get it in the air.

You can jump over stuff, do stalls, grinds, and other stuff. Olling is easy to master and once you learn it, the rest is your imagination and new tricks.

Hope you like playing with your new skateboard!

PS. I need to think for a name for these... I used to call them Mech Decks but... if u got a good name LMK please!

Step 5: Video

Sorry about the video quality it sucks... i used my camera thats like 1 inch long lol.
The video is pretty crappy... it was hard to use it with my right hand and hold my little camera in the left... Yea so in the video I am olling and doing a kick flip