Introduction: Paper Stand From Waste

Generally, we seen peoples throws Pet bottles on roads ,galleries,public places , which creates problem of Solid waste Pollution.To tackle this problem we have to come with some ideas to recycle it.

This paper stand is one of them ,which uses waste pet bottles as a capital material. Following are the steps to make it.

Step 1: Material and Tools


1. Pet Bottles -3

2.Wooden Patti width: 4 cm Height : 36 cm




Drilling machine


Flat File



Step 2: Measurement and Drilling

Take a wooden Patti of dimensions 4 cm width and 36 cm height.Make a mark on after every 8 cm .There are three markings on it .To keep distance between bottles same ;we have do this. Take a small hole with Drilling machine on markings.

Step 3: Cut a Bottles

After Measurement , cut a pet bottles with keeping particular size of each .as per our requirement we can give any cutting shape to it e.g. Tapering .After that do finishing with flat file . Make a drill of each bottle at the center of Bottom.

Step 4: Installation

Fix drilled bottle on given markings of wooden Patti with screws using screw driver. Also fix one hook to hang it at upper end through screw. Color it to see it decorated !!

Step 5: Finally Your Paper Holder Is Ready