Introduction: Paper Star Ornament

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These stars are based on German Star Ornaments (Strohsterne).

Over the last few years, it's been one of my family traditions to go to the local German Christmas Market (Christkindlmarkt) to wander around, eat brats, and drink kinderpunsch. However this year the market was canceled due to reasons unknown to me. Being slightly distraught over the fact that I couldn't purchase our yearly Straw Ornament, I took it upon myself to figure out how these things are made.

I assume that this method isn't how these ornaments have been traditionally made, if anyone knows how these are made, I'd love to see an instructable about it!

As well, as I make more of these over the next few weeks I'll upload more pictures of various designs that you can make!

That being said, let's get started.

Step 1: Materials and Such

First things first, decide what you'd like to make your stars out of. In steps 1-9 you'll be shown how to make these stars (in two designs) using a more rigid card stock. In steps 10-11 you'll see how to process newspaper to make it rigid enough to be used.


  • Paper the star is to be made of (I used file folders and newspaper)


  • Graph paper
  • Ruler
  • Tape (I used painters tape because it's easy to remove and reposition)
  • Scissors
  • Xacto-knife (I didn't have one so I used a box cutter)
  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Pencil
  • Thread

Step 2: Cut Paper

For the first design you will need 16 strips of paper that are 6" x 1/4".

Cut the file folder square then cut 8 strips at 12" x 1/4" then cut those in half.

Step 3: Create Grid

Create your grid using your graph paper by creating your x and y axis. Then measure and mark lines at 45° increments. Using your compass draw a circle that will create the inside diameter of the star. I used 1-1/2" for this star.

Step 4: First 8 Pieces

*I'll show each step using red paper*

Lay down your paper around the intersections in the grid pattern that was created in step 3. Use small pieces of tape to hold the paper in place.

While creating your star "weave" as much as possible while creating your star.

Step 5: Last 8 Pieces

Continue to "weave" the last 8 pieces into place.

Step 6: Thread

For this star use 5 feet of thread.

Use a solid copper wire without the insulation as a "needle" to thread the star.

Tie a square knot with about 5 inches of tail to be used as the string to hang the star on the tree.

Wrap each "intersection" 4 times to secure them in place.

After you work your way around the star, finish by tying another square not at the top.

Trim the two lengths of thread to the same length and tie a knot in the end.

Step 7: Cut and Done

Start cutting the ends of the star with the xacto-knife.

I personally chose to cut the insides first then the outsides.

After they are all cut remove the star and you're done!

Step 8: Design #2

Follow the same steps to cutting as in Step 2.

You will need 12-6" x 1/4" and 6-12" x 1/4"

Draw the grid in 30° segments and a 4" diameter circle.

Tape the 6" segments in place as shown in Picture 2.

Tape the 12" segments in place as shown in Picture 3.

Step 9: Thread and Cut

Thread the "intersections" as shown in Step 6.

Cut the long segments at an inch and a half or whatever length chosen.

Step 10: Process Newspaper

I love the look and feel of newspaper. Because in it's basic state, newspaper isn't strong enough to form a star it needs to be built up.

Square off your newspaper. Measure and cut a 2" x 6" section.

Start folding and gluing at 3/16". Buy the time that you reach the end your strip will measure 6" x 1/4"

Step 11: Same Process As Before

Follow Steps 3-7 to complete your star.

Step 12: You're Done!

There are so many different designs out there I'd love to see what everyone else comes up with.

Have fun and Happy Holidays!

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