Introduction: Paper Stop Motion

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Today I am going to make a paper stop motion movie. A stop motion movie is a movie composed of pictures that run together into a video. So everytime you would take a picture it would add a frame to your video. The Stop motion I will show you today is composed of thick Paper, Colored pencils, or markers, Scissors, an iPhone, sticky tack, And a ruler (Optional). To begin you must create an idea. It could be about a car or a horse or a fairy, it can be anything you want. I made mine about Two Instructables robots falling in love.

Step 1: Sketching

Once you have your idea you must begin to draw. Draw your characters so that they have moving parts such as joints. This is so that they can be easily moved and, saves you the time of drawing over 50 characters. Draw the moving pieces separately so they will be easy to cut out later.

Step 2: Coloring and Cutting

Once you have draw your character you should color them however you like .Use colored pencils or markers, or even both. Once they are fully colored you should begin to cut them out. DO NOT CUT YOURSELF. Make sure that you are careful to cut along the lines or you may damage your character by mistake.

Step 3: Putting It Together

Once the pieces are cut out, get your sticky tack and stick the pieces of your character in there rightful spots. Now you have a moving paper character and all you have to do is shoot.

Step 4: Shooting

Now you Should begin to shoot. Place your iPhone, on a elevated platform over your paper. Now that your phone is elevated , begin taking pictures for your stop motion. You can find almost any stop motion app on a iPhone that will work. every time you take a picture move your character a slight bit. Your stop motion is almost complete. Make sure you have good white light as it will greatly help the final product.

Step 5: Editing (optional)

Now that you have raw footage you can go on to edit. Again you can find many good editing apps on a iPhone (i use Splice ) Speeding up your video will make everything run smoother, and it is fun to add in sounds which you can record.

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