Introduction: Paper Sword With No Glue

if you have a-lot of scratch paper and are looking to build something cool then keep reading

also i will be entering this in the instructables paper contest. so please vote.

Step 1: Making Your Peices

in order to make the sword you will need to make paper claws, don't worry i will be showing how to make them.

Step 2: Continuing

next you take one and stick it in the part that you folded over. repeat this process.

Step 3: Finished

once you sword is at the length you want it (for me any where from 60 to 90 peices) you can stop and start swinging.

yes the pieces will fall off if they are not tight enough but the good thing is you can follow step 3 to put them back on. some times if i feel like it i will break the sword in half so i have to small swords then i will re assemble it back into one. once i get farther i will post the finished product.

any way if you liked this instructable please vote in the paper contest. i plan to make at least two more paper related instructables thanks - onion

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