Introduction: Paper Tube Xylophone

A xylophone is a musical instrument played by striking a row of bars of graduated length with one or more small wooden or plastic mallets. The xylophone we will make today requires:

cardboard tubes (as many as wanted)

2 pieces of computer paper

Optional- construction paper (to get some color)




Step 1: Cut the Tubes

Cut the tubes into different sizes. The more you have the more notes your xylophone can make.

Step 2: Put the Construction Paper on the Tubes

Cut the construction paper to fit onto the tubes. Then glue them on.

Step 3: Put Strings On

Tie the strings in a loop to the top and bottom of the tubes (works best with double knots).

Step 4: Roll Up Computer Paper

Roll the computer paper the long way, and make it tight.

Step 5: Glue the String

Glue the strings on the tubes, and attach them to the rolls of computer paper.

Step 6: Put the Xylophone on Cardboard

Glue the bottom of the computer paper to a piece of cardboard for support.

Step 7: How to Use

Take two pencils and with the rubber end hit the tubes.